Sunday, April 23, 2017

FURY RISING by Yasmine Galenorn

Book 1 in Fury Unbound Series
Nightqueen Enterprises
July 5th, 2017
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase

4 Hearts


Kaeleen Donovan is a Theosian-a minor goddess- and is oath bound to Hecate, goddess of the Crossroads. By day she runs the Crossroads Cleaning Company and reads fortunes as well as casts hexes at Dream Wardens, a magical consulting shop. But come the night, I am at Hecate’s bidding and they call me Fury. I am good at taking down Abominations. They come into our world from the world tree and I am tasked at sending them back to Pandoriam. But there is danger coming as the Order of the Black Mist steal an ancient artifact, the Thunderstrike, and is hell bent on changing the world order. Hecate has charged me in getting that device back but as Fury soon discovers, the leader of this order is determined to put him on the throne and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Can Fury and her friends stop them before Gaia decides to wipe the earth of everyone on it in retaliation?

Wow, just wow. Ms. Galenorn delivers a perfect introduction to her new series, Fury Unbound with a kick-ass heroine who is just as intriguing as this author’s other characters in her books and a storyline that will knock you off your seat. FURY RISING is a perfect introduction to this author’s work if you have never tried her before. This is an author who is a master storyteller who knows how to build a world perfectly, with captivating yet unique characters and action that keeps you on your toes. The action is nonstop and a perfect afternoon read for me one weekend recently. The story flows smoothly and quickly as I was drawn into the story of a world where the world as we knew it now has changed drastically. The author does a great way in weaving that portion of why, who, and when within the storyline. It kept my attention till the very end.

This author is on my auto-buy no matter what she writes. Ms.Galenorn delivers such captivating yet unique characters that I can not get enough of her work. In FURY RISING, we meet Kaeleen, ‘Kae’ to her friends or as Fury when she is working as Hecate’s blade. She is delightful, independent and quite entertaining. I loved her and felt she was a perfect addition to this author’s kick-ass characters list. Plus we got some interesting secondary characters as well that kept me riveted. I loved the interaction Fury has with Hecate and found myself laughing at times at her smart comments.

FURY RISING is a perfect edge of the seat ride that will take you on such an adventure till the very end of the book. I couldn’t get enough of this series and just had to grab book two, right after I finished this one. I am eager to see where this author goes in the series as Fury goes against a big bad evil that will either win the day or she’ll stop it in its tracks. If you never tried this author, I highly recommend her if you enjoy kick-ass characters, storylines that weave a spell around you and keep you eager for more. I can’t wait to see what else this author has up their sleeves for her readers in the future.


This is an objective review and not an endorsement


Friday, April 21, 2017


Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: 
February 22, 2017
High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Audio book

Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

David has had a bad time of it lately. Ever since his last relationship breakup became the schools gossip he has held himself back from everyone. When he finally decides to go to a Holiday party he lets himself go and becomes tipsy enough to flirt with the one fairy he truly loves. Yet there is so much that stops the two from becoming more than friends.  Even with all the obstacles that they face both David and Tulip find their attraction hard to resist. Their pasts hinder any future they might have but David cannot stop himself from longing for Tulip and no matter how hard he tries to stay away he always finds his way back to the fairy. Will love finally find its way to these two or will they both lose out?

David and Tulip’s story is a great addition to this series. No matter how hard these two try to avoid their emotions they can’t hide from them. Love will not be denied and you must be brave to grab and fight for it. I loved Tulip and David. The two make a wonderful couple. David may have grown up with a fairy as his best friend but there is still so much about the fairies that he doesn’t understand.  As he tries to give Tulip the space he needs he can’t help but feel the longing for him but he must remember Tulip does not date humans. So David tries to keep himself in check around the fairy but that is harder to do than he imagined. Tulip fights his attraction as well until they both are hurting.  I loved seeing these two find their way. Their story is so full of emotions and pulls at your heart at times.  Not only did the main characters make an impression but many of the supporting characters had a lot to say. I also enjoyed seeing an appearance of a special dragon in this story.  Each of the characters in this book is brought to life vividly and you cannot help but love each one in their own way.  The author does a wonderful job of painting a great world for readers and narrator Michael Fell does a wonderful job of bringing the characters of this book to life. As I listened to their story I became immersed in their world and all that it encompassed. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Zall's Captain by Amber Kell

Publisher: Pride Publishing
Date published: December 15, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-78430-932-9
Erotic Romance, Gay, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Bondage and BDSM
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

After being helped and freed by Chalice former slave Zall longs to start a better life and enjoy his freedom. Working on a spaceship Zall thinks that he has found some peace as he considers what he will do next but a new captain and rumors of why the old captain stepped down begin to bring chaos into Zall's life. When the new captain needs help will Zall give in to his attraction or is Danner going to lose more than just his battle against the smugglers? Will the two be able to work together to find the true crime boss and find out if they can have a happy ever after that they both long for?

This is a sweet romance that had my attention from the very beginning. We first met Zall in Chalice's book and in this latest installment of this series he gets his own story told. I enjoyed getting to see the man that Zall has become. He is a good man and wants love but is afraid to even explore with Danner. Zall has gone through so much in his life and thankfully Danner understands this and is willing to work with Zall and his problems but it seems that the smugglers have other ideas and the two men must make some quick and hard decisions as they fight for their lives. I loved seeing the trust build between the two men. Their attraction is strong and soon they have something stronger between them. It was nice to watch Zall and Danner's relationship begin to take shape. The two learn quickly just what kind of trust and love that they have for each other. I enjoyed seeing Zall find something and someone worth fighting for. Zall and Danner's story was a good read and I am eager to see if there will be more adventures in this world.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

FOR THE SUB by Sierra Cartwright

Publisher: Totally Bound
Date published: October 2013
ISBN: 978-1-78184-810-4
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

Niles has pretty much left the scene when his wife died. Nothing much for him to enjoy when his heart is locked away. Yet a pretty sub in the Den brings him out of his self-imposed shell. Brandy gets the courage up to ask Niles if he would like to do a scene and to her surprise he accepts. The sparks fly between the two right from the start but Brandy knows his heart is locked away and hers will more than likely get broken. Even knowing this Brandy cannot resist the pull Niles has on her. Niles doesn't know what it is about Brandy that brings him back to life but he needs her and he must figure out if what they have is worth fighting for.  Is love something that can come twice in his lifetime or will the two let it slip out of their grasp?

I really enjoyed this book. Niles and Brandy make a wonderful couple. They complement each other nicely and support one another very well. It was nice to watch the two find their way to a happy ending. Love is hard to find and Niles is lucky enough to find it twice in his life.  I enjoyed watching the two work through their emotions as they enjoy their attraction to each other.  The connection that Niles and Brandy have is really something.  The intensity takes them both by surprise and I was glad that Niles makes the decision to show Brandy just how important their relationship was and that it was worth fighting for.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Friday, April 7, 2017

THE PERILS OF PAULIE by Katie Macalister

Publisher: Berkley
Date published: January 3, 2017
ISBN: 9781101990681
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle (


Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4 Hearts

When the chance to get out from under her father's strict rules comes along Paulina grabs it. She loves her family but sometimes she longs for more. How can she pass up an adventure of a lifetime where she can drive a beautiful vintage car across the world? Along for his own adventure is Dixon. He has been stalled in life lately and needs something to bring him back to life and joining the race seems like a way to do just that. After all what could happen, it's just a race? Paulina and Dixon find themselves together and liking it. What will be the outcome? Will love be the ultimate prize in the end?
This is another great read in the Matchmaker in Wonderland Romance series. I love seeing another Ainsley brother find love. Katie Macalister has kept each of the books in this series fun and fresh and this book is no different. Dixon and Paulina are great characters and work well together. Their story moves at a good pace and keeps the readers interest all the way to the end. This story is a fun read full of some wonderful romance alongside the action and even some great humor. Both Dixon and Paulina have their own problems to deal with and when their worlds collide it makes for an exciting read.

I enjoyed reading the travel logs from the two main characters. It was nice to see just what they themselves thought about the things going on. The two come from such opposite places yet they fit so nicely together. Watching the two find a way to a happy ever after made for a sweet and fun read. I am excited to see what more this author has in store for this world.
This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

FANGS LIKE ME by Lyssa Dering

Date published: March 13, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-945952-72-2
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 2 1/2  Hearts

Lane has always feared shifters. He has been taught that werewolves especially were stronger than vampires and more dangerous. Yet he cannot deny his attraction to Parker. There is something that the two have. The attraction is there from the moment that they meet. Can Lane trust Parker or will he find himself on the wrong end of things again? The two begin a tentative friendship that soon becomes more but Lane must deal with his past and his Maker before he can attempt a future with Parker. As Parker and Lane try to figure out just what this thing between them is mistrust and misconceptions get in the way. Can the two work through it all or has Lane pushed Parker away without knowing it?

While I enjoyed the concept of this story I found the characters lacking for me. I would have liked a bit more substance to many of the characters especially Lane and Parker. Their relationship and most of the story reads like a young adult book. There are some hot sex scenes that make this book for adults only but the party atmosphere and the way the two main characters acted made me think of frat houses more than adult relationships. There are also a few parts of their story that I would have liked to see more depth to. Lane’s past and how it affects him as well as the vampire s that he lives with are amongst those things. Submission is talked about a lot in this book, sexually and being an Alpha but it is never truly integrated into the relationship between the two men. Their story moves along at a good pace but as I mentioned before there were a things that were glossed over and not really given any substance in the story making it read almost more like an outline of  the story than a full fleshed out version. Lane and Parker do show just what love can accomplish if you let it. This story is a good idea but it could have been so much more.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Monday, April 3, 2017

THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE by Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison

A Brit in the FBI Series Book 4
G.P. Putnam
March 14th, 2017
Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary, Action-Adventure
Kindle E-ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley

5 Hearts


For FBI agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine, are adjusting to their new roles as head of the FBI’s new Covert Eyes division and setting up their team in their new offices when Nicholas receives a call from the elusive and master thief, the fox, telling him that a job went south and now she needs his and Mike’s help in solving who wants her dead. As Kitsune tells them about a recent weather event that may not be natural, Nicholas and the rest of the covert eyes team race to Italy to see if they can help Kitsune (the fox) and figure out just who wants to kill her and why. But as bullets start to fly, allies that they count on turn to enemies, Nicholas, Mike and the rest of the team find out that obsession can take over not just one person, but a whole family. Now the question is will their first case as a covert eyes team be their last one?

Wow, just wow. These two stellar authors come together to deliver a pulse pounding, wild action packed ride from start to finish in their latest installment in the acclaimed Brit in the FBI series and delivers a high octane ride that will keep the reader glued to the pages till the very end. With twists and turns that you don’t see coming to some intriguing characters that leap off the pages, these two authors give the reader an exciting and engrossing story that hit all my love buttons in all the right ways.

First the story was fast paced and kept my attention even after I had to put it down to go back to work. It was action packed and the few twists left me reeling even as I flipped the pages to see what would happen next. Second, the characters were just amazing. I love how these two authors are able to meld their writing styles together and into a cohesive story that featured intriguing and well written characters that fairly leap off the pages. With each astonishing action scene after another, the authors keep the reader centered on the characters and man, these characters really are in your face and totally entertaining. I love how close Nicholas and Mike have gotten and their connection comes across really well here. Add in their great team members as well as the bad guys who can really chill you to the bone in this book, well you get a sense that if this actually happened in real life, it would be cataclysmic and dangerous to the world.

THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE keeps the reader highly entertained, eager for more and I absolutely adored finding out more about Nicholas, Mike and everyone else on their team. Add in some scenes with some of Ms. Coulter’s FBI series characters and it adds in depth to the story at the right times. With an action packed story that will blow you away, the reader is taken on a ride of their life as the question is asked: Those who can control the weather, should they rule the world? The answer will be found in this latest in book by two masterful storytellers that will chill you to the bone. Now the question I have to ask these two authors-More please!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement



Saturday, April 1, 2017


Lake Union Publishing
March 1st, 2017
Historical Fiction, Mystery
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (

Obtained by Publisher

3.5 Hearts


In Farleigh Field, World War II has not troubled them over much. Lord Westerham and his family live in relative peace until a soldier falls to his death from a failed parachute onto the grounds. Not known to anyone there, MI5 operative and friend of the family, Ben Cresswell is tasked in finding out who this suspicious person was and what, if anything, they were up to. Is this person a German spy or something else? In another plus to heading this investigation, Ben would be near Lord Westerham’s middle daughter, Pamela, who he loves desperately. But secrets are entwined around Farleigh Field and as Ben finds himself racing against the clock as he tries to figure it all out and root out the truth…before it all comes down around them.


IN FARLEIGH FIELD is a bit of a departure for me reading wise and I found it to be an intriguing mix of history, mystery and romance that was perfectly balanced within the book. You could tell a lot of research was done by the author for this book as it draws upon the deadly days of the war to be the backdrop of the story. The author does a really good job drawing the reader in and delivering memorable characters to fall in love with.

IN FARLEIGH FIELD introduces the readers to Farleigh Field, the ancestral home of Lord Westerham and his five daughters. Three of his daughters play a big role in the book- Pamela, Margot and Phoebe. Margot is working for the French Resistance, Pamela is works at breaking the German’s codes and Phoebe was the one to find the dead man. The book starts off slow as the author introduces all the characters and sets up the mystery that will leave you guessing till the very end. Once that is done, well the action picks up steam and it’s off to the races as MI5 operative, Ben, digs into this dead man and if he is, in fact, a German spy. There are subplots that weave themselves within this main story that is perfectly done and doesn’t take away from the mystery of the strange man’s death and the author does a great job in keeping that balance of characters and story so one doesn’t out-weigh the other. The story flows smoothly and keeps an even pace. The characters are well written, well defined and an interesting mix that kept my attention. The mystery though was a bit lacking at times but kept me wondering on how it would all play out.

IN FARLEIGH FIELD was an intriguing blend of historical fiction, mystery and a little bit of romance that will intrigue the reader and if you can get past the first few chapters, you won’t want to put it down. As this is a stand alone novel by this author, it’s a good way to get introduced to this author’s writing and see if they appeal to you. If you enjoy this sort of book, then you might find IN FARLEIGH FIELD to be your perfect cup of tea. I am looking forward to seeing what else this author has in their backlist to read after this one.


This is an objective review and not an endorsement

Friday, March 31, 2017

FOREVER A HERO by Linda Lael Miller

Publisher:    HQN
Published:    March 21, 2017
ISBN:        B01GZUC6MI
Genre:       Contemporary Romance
Format:     Ebook
Obtained via:  Publisher  

Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina



Mace, youngest of the Carson brothers, is perfectly content to leave romance and marriage to his two older brothers, Slater and Drake. He’s happy with his vineyard and boutique winery. And just because he sees no reason to expand his operation doesn’t mean he won’t take a meeting to discuss just that.

Ten years ago Kelly Wright was attacked on her college campus and in the nick of time a passerby intervened, saving her life. Now, on her way to what could the most important PR meeting of her career, her car suddenly goes out of control and she careens down a ravine to land precariously on the edge of a cliff. Once again someone is there, just in time, to rescue her. Both times her rescuer was no other than Mace Carson.

Finally, safe and sound Kelly and Mace sit down to discuss what she can do for his winery.  But there is so much more between them. Sparks fly between them that set them on a course neither ever expected. But when someone from their past arrives in town will he destroy their future before it can even begin?

I’m normally a big Linda Lael Miller fan and while FOREVER A HERO wasn’t a bad read, it wasn’t my favorite.  The story seemed to wander—as if the author wasn’t sure how she was going to get Kelly and Mace to “happily ever after”.  The story came across as choppy and at times disjointed. When it came to the stalker there were gaps in what he was doing and how he got where he was.

That said, I do like how Miller ties into prior stories in this and earlier series. You do not have to have read the earlier books because Miller gives just enough back story so you know where each person fits in to the “family” is makes up Mustang Creek. I will say that the resolution of how the stalker was captured was well done.  
This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

SOULJACKER by Yasmine Galenorn

Book One of the Lily Bound Series
Diversion Books
March 7th, 2017
ISBN# 9781682307014
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance, Mystery
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase

3.5 Hearts


Lily O’Connell is a succubus who owns Lily Bound, a salon that caters to the sex fantasies of the paranormal world. It’s a perfect way for her to feed on the Chi she needs to survive and be independent as well. It was working just fine until a client gets murdered in her salon and then all bets are off. Finding out that a vampire did the murder, well that leaves her cold but it was the news that the Souljacker, a gifted tattoo artist turned vampire, has escaped from the institution for the criminally deranged and he is coming to get every one of his clients, that scares her to the bone. With one of his tattoos on her body and no where to turn, Lily finds herself in the fight of her life as she tries to keep her friends safe and stay alive. With a chaos demon PI by her side, Lily will find her life as she knew it is changing.


I adore this author’s work and if you ever read one of her books, you know she is a gifted storyteller who keeps the reader glued to the pages till the very end. SOULJACKER is the first book in her new series about a succubus and it has familiar aspects within the story. Many different paranormal creatures (Fae, vampires, weres, etc), extensive world building, captivating characters and more all dot within this first book. I really enjoyed seeing a different paranormal creature take the main stage and found Lily to be a breath of fresh air in a sense that a succubus isn’t as prolific as vampires, weres, fae in stories. Lily is intriguing and the reader gets glimpses of her long past within the pages and I highly enjoyed finding out more about her. The story starts off a bit slow but by chapter two, the action picks up steam and you are off and running with Lily. The story flows smoothly and keeps your attention till the very end.

Meet Lily O’Connell. She owns Lily Bound, a elite sex salon that caters to weres and fae. Lily is a succubus who needs the life force-or Chi- to survive or else bad things happen when she is starving. She has lived a somewhat quiet life for awhile after roaming the world for centuries and put down roots in the Blood Night District of Seattle. I enjoyed Lily a lot. She is an independent woman who enjoys sex, feels she is giving service to those who need it and has a great tight nit group of friends. But murder can play havoc on a business and your life as Lily finds out. She now has angry widow who is a were who threatens her business and her life, a deranged vampire hunting her and her friends and now a love interest in a chaos demon. Life for Lily is about to get a tad bit more dangerous than the staid life she lived under the radar. I really liked Lily’s dynamic with the other characters. You can get a sense of her inner circle and Archer, the Chaos demon fits in nicely. All the characters are intriguing and well written. They are quite enjoyable, even the bad guys. I really am looking forward to seeing more about them in future books. There are a few plot twists that will keep you guessing and I am eager to see where this authors goes with it.

SOULJACKER is a wild ride from start to finish and is a perfect introduction to this author’s work if you never tried her before. If you enjoy a mystery set in a supernatural world that will keep you glued to the pages, then you will enjoy SOULJACKER. I look forward to seeing where this author goes next in the series. I just hope we won’t have to wait forever for book two.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Publisher:    Forever
Published:   March 28, 2017
ISBN:        978-1455597802
Genre:       Historical Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Akira Ayers is a healer.  Despite being maligned as a gypsy, otherwise known as a tinker, she does not let the slights and insults stand in the way of her healing. Following a brutal battle she makes her way onto the field to see what she can do to help. There she finds a Highlander, a nearly dead one, but while life still courses through him she will do what she can to save him.

George Gordon, Duke of Gordon has no liking for the usurper to the throne. Given his love of country he finds himself wounded after battle. When Akira finds him he accepts her care but the advent of a greedy red coat and his band set them on the run. With help from a neighboring clan they make their way to the Gordon stronghold, but the British Captain Roderick is hot on their trial.

Unable to fight his attraction to Akira and wanting to protect her should they be caught, George keeps his true identity a secret until he no longer can. She takes his revelation that he is a duke in stride…and is thrilled when he tells her he loves her. But all is not well at the Gordon castle—the duke’s former wife, a mean and vicious harridan, is in residence. The woman wastes no time telling Akira that George will never marry her, but rather he will soon discard her as he has done all his former mistresses. Believing the duchess, Akira flees for her home.  Can a man a heartbeat away from the throne and a low born healer find a life together?

THE HIGHLAND DUKE is the first book by Amy Jarecki I’ve read. As a lifelong romance reader I cannot resist a good love story. Having cut my romance reading teeth on historical romance, with Highlanders a favorite Akira and George’s story sounded too good to pass up. She writes in what I feel is a classic romance style—there are no gratuitous sex scenes but rather a deep and abiding love, that, while it happens quickly, you know is true. Jarecki tells not just a story of the couple, but both characters have their own story.  And, their personal stories are interesting.

Akira reminding George and herself over and over she is a healer got a little old.  After the 15th time I kinda got it.  And he ruminated about keeping his secret identity a few times too many. His reason was laudable and he explained it well. It just got a bit repetitive. A little less of the tinker/identity discussion and a little more of the scenery would be nice. I never got a feel for what it felt like sleeping in the cave, what it felt like for Akira to be in a castle for the first time…but I had a clear picture that he thought she smelled like jasmine.

Akira and George’s story is a nice one. Like I said, it’s written in the classic style of a true romance.  It is a story of a couple knows there will only ever be one person for them and they will do anything to be with that person…like the kind of love we’d all like to have for ourselves.


This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Friday, March 24, 2017

OVER THE LINE by Sierra Cartwright

Publisher: Totally Bound
Date published: June 21, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-78184-352-9
Genre: Bondage  BDSM
Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

Michael and Sydney live lives on the opposite of the spectrum. She loves being wild and free while he is fixated on running his ranch.  Yet the two have a chemistry like no other.  The two are a perfect fit right from the start. Neither one is looking for something permanent and it all seems like just good fun and games but soon emotions come into play.  Both Michael and Sydney have pasts that they need to deal with if they want to have any kind of future together but that it the big question. Do they want a future together? Are they willing to trust their hearts and take a chance or are they going to let the past hinder them?

This is another good read from the Mastered series. Sydney and Michael are great characters. Sydney is an adventurer but something about Michael grounds her and feels like home but at the same time it scares her. Having only one other real relationship with a Dom to compare this one to makes Sydney’s choices hard to make. Michael is his own man and he shows her just how wonderful it can be with him. The two have an attraction that is off the charts they fit nicely together and I enjoyed seeing that attraction deepen into something else. It was nice to see the two work through it all.  They have been given a second chance at love and are   willing to try and fight for it.  I enjoyed seeing Sydney open up and find out that her past experience was just that a past experience. Michael is a good man and he shows her just what true love can be like if she can just let him in.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.




Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BEAUTY, INC. by Tara Lain

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Date published: 12/08/16
Fairy tales, M/M

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

Belle works hard for his family’s company. Always trying to keep things new and the company in the black but he is fighting a losing battle when his father continues to gamble and drink everything away. Everything seems to include Belle himself. His father has lost Belle to their highest competitor and he must now go work for Magnus Strong.  What will happen to Belle now and how will his father’s company stay afloat while he is gone?  Belle must figure out who his loyalties go to. His world is full of emotions and turmoil. Can love be in Belle’s future? What will he chose and can he live with the consequences?

Only a select few truly know Magnus. Many just see his scars not the man. Belle is different he sees so much more in Magnus. Their tale has its ups and downs but Belle and Magnus are ready to find a way to fight for their happy ending. I enjoyed watching the two work through it all to find a better place and maybe even love. The men must decide if they are willing to take a chance with their hearts or lose what they long for.

Tara Lain has woven another great story and Kale Williams brings these characters to life in this audio version of Beauty, Inc.  I enjoyed Magnus and Belle’s story. It is full of emotions and pulls you in right from the start. I love when an author puts a new spin on an old fairy tale and Beauty, Inc. is a wonderful retelling of one of my favorite tales.


This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


Monday, March 20, 2017


Breeds #31
Berkley Books, May 2017

Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN: 1101612517
ISBN13: 9781101612514
Paranormal Romance

The latest in Lora Leigh’s Breeds books, WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER, comes out just as the weather turns nice enough to sit outside and really enjoy turning those pages.

Recessed Bengal Breed Cullen Maverick has risen to commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico where he leads a group of agents in protecting the treasures of the Navajo Tribes.  Created in a lab, Cullen’s primal Bengal genetics are recessed so deeply that no hint of them can be found on him.  Yet they are there, waiting.  When his assistant, Chelsea, tires of her lack of promotional opportunities, despite her obvious qualifications, and quits, the Primal lurking deep within Cullen sits up and takes notice.

For those of us who still really enjoy the feel of a hardcover book in our hands, Lora Leigh’s WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER, arrives just in time to read outdoors and really simply enjoy.  Like all her breed books, this book once again finds the two fated mates fighting the mating heat and confusing each other with their raging hormones and angst. 

Cullen has been married before, but was not mated to his wife.  When she dies, he settles into a deep depression that only lifts after he agrees to hire Chelsea as his assistant.  Chelsea was only twelve when Cullen married, but she still remembers the love in his eyes as he married her cousin.  So when he suddenly wants more from their relationship than just employee/employer, it is difficult for her to hope and accept that her longtime crush could be seriously seeing a future for them together.  The danger factor, as always in the Breed world, is running high and the testosterone is even higher.  Cullen and Chelsea’s journey to love is hectic, trying and emotional; and fated in the stars.

As to the few negatives - while the recessed gene thing is new to the Breed series and really very interesting, the majority of the book could be any of Leigh’s earlier Breed books.  And the sex is hot, but perhaps a bit redundant. 

Fans of Lora Leigh books, paranormal romance and the Breed books are going to enjoy WAKE A SLEEPING TIGER.  The book is well written, has a nice flow and just enough of the lesser characters to remind readers of previous stories and hint at future books to come.  Can we all say, “Cassie”?

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

Saturday, March 18, 2017

BLOWN AWAY by Clover Tate

Publisher:    Berkley
Published:    February 7, 2017
ISBN:        978-0425283547
Genre:       Cozy Mystery
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  

Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina



From the first time Emmy Adler flew a kite she knew she’d found her most favorite thing to do. And now, in Rock Point, Oregon, she’s living her dream. She’s opened up a kite shop called Strings Attached where she’s designed a number of the kites for sale. As a child her family visited Rock Point and along the way she met her best friend, Avery. She’s now living in Avery’s family home and life is good. While a small town, Rock Point has several nice amenities including a stellar restaurant, a quaint B&B and a beach to enjoy all sort of outdoors activities, including kite flying. Unfortunately there is also the matter of a dead body she stumbles on shortly after her shop opens. Even worse, it turns out to be Avery’s former boyfriend, Miles. In short order the local sheriff has his sights on Avery as suspect No. 1. What kind of friend would Emmy be if she didn’t try to find the real killer before Avery is railroaded into prison?

BLOWN AWAY is Clover Tate’s debut cozy mystery and it is off to a great start. As someone who grew up with kites as part of my summer entertainment, as well as enjoying the various designs we now have available to us today when I pass the Marina Green in San Francisco, a series based around them is going to be such fun.

Tate introduces readers to a super group of characters starting with Emmy. At 30-something she’s dealing with a helicopter mom—and the main reason she felt the need to move from Portland to Rock Point. I’m sure many of us can relate to loving our parent…but needing a little breathing space now and then to live our own lives. Tate also provides readers with a nice cross-section of townsfolk of various ages and jobs that make for a nice mix. I wasn’t so sure about Stella at first, but shortly really started to like the character. Tate’s introduction of Jack Sullivan into the mix was a nice touch.
Another fun touch is Emmy’s dad playing Nixon in his Watergate re-enactment group a tie in to that era’s crime.

Hopefully another entry in this series will be coming soon.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.